Monday, 3 January 2011

Report on Leeds Against the Cuts and tax justice demonstration on 11 December 2010

The Leeds Against the Cuts demonstration on 11 December 2010 was well attended and was followed by brief protests outside of Vodafone and Topshop stores within Leeds City Centre.

Paul Tillyer of PCS Revenue and Customs Group, Jane Aitchison of the PCS Department of Work and Pensions group both spoke about the importance of raising the alternative of increasing tax compliance and ensuring tax loopholes are closed for tax avoiders when asked how the national deficit can be paid back while not making savage public sector cuts.

A Guardian report plus pictures from the day can be accessed using the link below:

Guardian report on demonstration

Jane Aitchison speaking at the demo:

Ian Pattison speaking at the demo:

Slideshow of pictures from the day

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