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Protest Tory Budget day...& get ready for the 26th!

Newsflash going fast get in touch to get your seats reserved for Leeds coaches to the 26th March London TUC demo! More info below
... Next Leeds against the Cuts meeting 31st March Thurs at 5.30 pm, TUC centre 88 North Street -

 Leeds Against the Cuts  Weekly news

Sat 19 March: M26 anti-cuts stalls across Leeds + Hospital Alert Conference
Tues 22 & Thurs 24 March: UCU lecturers' strike
Thurs 26 March: The Big One: TUC National demonstration, London

MARCH 19 DAY OF ACTION against cuts and to build for the 26th March
There will be stalls against cuts and building for the 26th demonstration in the city centre 1 pm onwards, come give us a hand or buy some tickets for the 26th coaches from Leeds. 
Armley high street and Headingley Arndale centre stalls will in addition be against the impending closures of local day and crisis centres.
Meanwhile Leeds Hospital Alert is having a conference about Tory-LibDem privatisation of the NHS - it starts at 10 am, info here:

SOLIDARITY WITH THE LECTURERS' STRIKE:  Lecturers in the UCU union at Leeds Uni and Leeds Met are striking on Thursday 24 March against attacks to their pensions (and Leeds Uni UCU on tuesday as well against local attacks in addition to pensions and conditions).
picketlines tues thurs 7 am to lunchtime
lunchtime rallies at Leeds Uni tuesday and City Square, central Leeds Thursday
Bring your banners, send a delegation, forward your donations and messages of support to


Just when you thought it was safe to sit back and enjoy your public services, health care and education won by generations of workers past, Cameron Clegg and Osborne announce another raft of cuts. Bring placards, banners, and lets make some noise to get ready for the 26th.

Calling all trade unionists, lowpaid workers, unemployed, students, day centre users, NHS campaigners...etc etc. Everyone's getting together to organise local anti-cuts campaigning to defend our jobs and services, and to discuss the way forward locally and nationally for the anti-cuts movement after 26 March. Get in touch and help organise the workshops around local cuts, education cuts, NHS privatisation, etc.

Get ready for the  26 March TUC anti-cuts demo London 
Get in touch for tickets to get a coach from Leeds

The Trade Union Congress has called a national demo against the cuts for 26 March in London.  Already 500 coaches and a number of trains have been booked from across the country for what will be an historic demo. We are aiming for a million marchers against the cuts, so make plans to get down to London and be part of it! More info from the official website here.

Public services, benefits, education, pensions, the NHS – everything the working class has won over the last decades to make life better is at risk as the Tories prepare to privatise and cut their way through another term of office, and finish the job that Thatcher began.

You can pledge to march here.

Get in touch with Leeds Against the Cuts and book your tickets now to get down to London on the 26th.

-      Coaches cost £20 for workers, £10 for university students, £5 unemployed/school/college.  Solidarity price add £5.

-      Coaches will likely leave 6 am from central Leeds, and arrive back at 10 pm on 26 March

-      Please pay the full price of your ticket upfront. We need a deposit £5 deposit to reserve a ticket.

-      Make cheques out to "Leeds TUC" and post to Leeds TUC 88 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7PN. Please email, text or phone to let us know you have booked some tickets so any delays or losses in the post can be fixed as soon as possible.

-      We hope to have an online paypal system up and running soon at the website

Please get in touch for more information, and to inform us if you want to book tickets or are sending in payment:

Email: Leedsagainstthecuts
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